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Guitar Measuring Form

Looking for a precise fit for your guitar or for a custom Ameritage carrying case? Use the form below to provide the measurements of your instrument. Choose one of two options:

  1. Complete and submit the form online below.
  2. Print and complete the form and mail to Ameritage along with a tracing of your guitar.
    • Mail to:
    • GWW International
    • JBC # 933
    • 2011 N.W. 79th Ave.
    • Miami, FL. 33122
guitar diagram
guitar dimensions

* = Required field

Choose your Measurement
A Neck Length (cm/ inches) *:
B Body Length (Do not include strap pin) *:
C Upper Bout Width (at widest point) *:
Lower Bout Width (at widest point) *:
Body Depth (at bottom of guitar) *:
F Overall Guitar Length (do not include strap pin) *:
G Body Depth (at upper bout) *:
H Overall Depth (from flat surface to top of bridge) *:
I Waist Width (at narrowest point) *:
J Width of Neck (at beginning of neck) *:
K Width of Neck (at nut) *:
L Flat surface to bottom of neck (at 12th fret) *:
L2 Flat surface to bottom of neck (at nut) *:
M Flat surface to bottom of head stock *:
N Waist Position *:
O Head Stock Width *:

Measuring Instructions

  1. The minimum measure is 1/16"
  2. Place instrument on a flat surface with the heel resting on the 1/2" block
  3. Please get the measurements requested on this form
  4. Please write anything unusual on your Guitar like external knobs, strap pins, finger rest or anything that will need a special cut on padding.
  5. If certain dimensions do not apply please enter - in the box.
Name *:
E-mail *:

Leave the next field empty if you are human.

Postal/ Zip code:
Guitar Make and Model *:
Humidity Control(Y/N):
Case exterior:
Case Interior:
Trim Color:
Hardware color:
Handle Interior:
Name Plate:

New Product Demo

Featured at NAMM show 2008

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Not sure which Ameritage case is right for you?

Fill out our guitar measing form to ensure an ideal fit.

guitar measuring form>

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